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Did you know that Disney princess Debby Ryan got arrested for…

Actress Debby Ryan, one of Disney’s princesses, got arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. The 22 year old actress, who became famous for playing the main role in the Disney series Jessie, is somewhat of a role model for tons of fans. However, she did something that doesn’t suit any role model, especially […]

  • 30 Apr at 5:18 am
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Did you know that Drew Barrymore is divorcing her third…

The 41 year old Drew Barrymore is divorcing Will Kopelman – her third husband, after only three years of marriage. Hollywood marriages rarely last and Drew Barrymore is another clear example of how everything goes down the drain between married celebrity couples. Drew’s first engagement came knocking on her door when she was only 16 […]

  • 11 Apr at 1:03 pm
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Did you know that This man returned a library book 72…

An elderly man from New Jersey returned his library book long after its due date – 72 years later, if we have to be precise. A former mayor of Bound Brook, New Jersey, US, is making headlines after he returned a long lost library book seven decades after its original due date. The man in […]

  • 08 Apr at 9:32 am
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Did you know that This guy disguised himself as a Walmart employee in order to steal …

An unnamed guy was caught on camera stealing TVs from a Walmart store earlier in January while disguised as a regular Walmart employee. The history of crime is filled with tons of clever disguises, but one of the most unsuspicious ones is the one that helps the criminal blend in. And that’s exactly what kind […]

  • at 9:32 am
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